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Tragic reminder on importance of beach safety

Area visitors and residents received a tragic reminder last week on the critical importance of being aware of your surroundings while walking on local beaches.

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It’s good to see crab season finally underway

We’re starting to see lights at night on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, which means the long wait is over, and our commercial crabbers are finally able to get out on the water and go after Dungeness crab.

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  • We are trying to preserve our way of life

    I am tired of playing whack-a-mole every time someone from the for-profit short-term rental industry comes out with some new angle to call out 15neighborhoods. Here is the definitive answer to all these critics and would be critics: we did not start this, you did.

  • ‘I yam what I yam’

    Many of you, although that “many” is dwindling, will recall the above quote from the “Popeye” cartoons of the last century. Popeye was a syndicated creation of E. C. Segar, earning him an estimated $100,000/per year at one point. To those of you too young to remember, I’ll try to jog some bit of collective consciousness: Popeye loved spinach!

  • Thank you, Waldport Library

    The past 10 months have been difficult for all of us. However, there has been some sunshine among the clouds.

  • Not city’s role to promote a private insurance company

    By now, homeowners in Newport received an application for insurance coverage that addresses the threat of water and sewer lines breaking down. It states that homeowners are responsible for repair costs from their house to the street.

  • Falling trees

    One year ago (Jan. 11, 2020) I was driving up Highway 34 in the morning before daylight. There was a big storm going on. I passed five or six cars going the other way, so I had no reason to think there might be a problem ahead.

  • Thank you Central Lincoln PUD

    I want to thank Central Lincoln PUD for the great job they did keeping the lights on during the last storm. We did not have any power disruption during the entire storm.

  • I fear Timber Unity has been compromised

    On Dec 21, I watched several lengthy livestream videos shot by Angelita Sanchez, a founder of Timber Unity and administrator of that group’s Facebook page. The video showed rioters masquerading as patriots attacking the State Capitol, illegally breaking and entering the capitol building and assaulting the police.

  • Don’t vote away your own property rights

    The 15neighborhoods group goes too far this time. M. Riley wrote to the county recently, naming people and their county of residence for any persons who wrote to commissioners expressing an opposition viewpoint to the 15neighborhoods stance on the total ban of STRs (short-term rentals) in unincorporated Lincoln County. This is morally and ethically wrong.

  • Want a problem we can fix on May 18?

    What happens to our workforce housing stock on Feb. 22, the date the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners returns to the topic of short term vacation rentals (STR or VRD)?

  • When the going gets tough, Shangri-la comes to the rescue

    The people I work with want work and have a desire to become assets to a company by becoming part of a team. For our coastal communities, a first chance at a job for people living with developmental disabilities is more than employment. It is self-empowerment.

  • We need transitional housing

    Shalom House, a transitional housing project, seeks a donated house in Lincoln County.

  • Signs are an affront to decency

    You may have seen me in the last few days, in and around Toledo. I was the lone guy holding a sign that read “Boycott trees-on Unity sick out.” I also went to city hall to ask about the possibility of unenforced sign ordinances and found them to be weak, but may be under consideration at a future city council meeting.

  • The million-dollar senator

    I guess we could call Dick Anderson the million-dollar senator. Actually, according to the state, $954,320.74 was spent on his election campaign by Republicans and supporters.