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Small businesses need our support more than ever

Today is Small Business Saturday. It’s a time for holiday shoppers to patronize brick-and-mortar businesses that are small and local, and now more than ever, these small businesses need our support.

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Card Talk: Finding joy in 2020

It’s been said by many people that the year 2020 is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. And it hasn’t been just one thing — we’ve been getting hammered over and over again.

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Not what we wanted to hear

Gov. Kate Brown’s announcement on Friday mandating a statewide, two-week freeze in response to a surge in new COVID cases is not something any of us wanted to hear.

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  • Masks, and other disguises

    We all wear masks. Some figurative, some literal. Let me mention the figurative ones first. Many of us mask our true — maybe even hidden — identity. To be sure, most of the time this hiddenness has to do with various insecurities we may have. Our shyness may be masked by “acting out” in ways that might surprise even the one doing the acting out.

  • I support a delay in hybrid school attendance

    I am writing in response to the article “School freeze decided by executive team,” which appeared in the Nov. 20 News-Times.

  • To our friends and colleagues

    However fallacious they may be, we feel compelled to respond to the accusations leveled against us by Kiera Morgan and Leslie Brown in the article posted on pnwne.com the morning of Nov. 19.

  • Democracy is a participatory institution

    A healthy democracy requires the participation of its citizens. Each of us now have two senators, one congressional representative and a president who are constitutionally required to represent all Americans, regardless of party affiliation or how the citizen votes. How many of you have contacted any of the offices of these people to let them know what you expect from them?

  • It’s time to tighten restrictions, not relax them

    The primary function of government, at any level, is to protect the health and welfare of its citizens. As an elected city of Toledo official, I feel the need to present an alternative view of Gov. Brown's recent executive order mandating a two-week freeze.

  • Newport’s transportation system update needs you

    Livability, walkability, multi-use paths connecting neighborhoods … For many years, citizens have been looking forward to incorporating these concepts into Newport and beyond. Now is the time!

  • Thank you voters of Lincoln County

    It is my honor to continue to serve as your circuit court judge. Over the course of this judicial race, I have been moved by the outpouring of kindness from people all over this community.

  • Spread joy this holiday season, not COVID-19

    It has been a challenging year full of unwelcome changes brought by the coronavirus pandemic. Most of these changes are for the greater good — precautions that limit the spread of the virus. With some changes it is hard to see any silver lining, such as when people have lost work or businesses have struggled or closed, being isolated from family and friends, or, worst of all, when loved ones have suffered or passed away.

  • Thanks to all who voted

    Just a note to thank all who voted, no matter which party. Good to see citizens practice democracy.

  • Reinstate the shutdown on short-term rentals

    We are asking the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to please reinstate the short-term rental pause in unincorporated Lincoln County due to Gov. Brown's recent order limiting gatherings to no more than six people from no more than two different households.