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Writing Out Loud: Finding common ground

Cap and trade is a tough issue, with people decidedly on one side or the other. That’s as far as most people get. I attended a meeting earlier this month where two sides agreed to disagree on that very issue. That, in itself, isn’t necessarily remarkable, but there are many who can’t seem to do this. We get so caught up in our own perspective, sometimes seeming to embrace opposition. Remarkable was that these people, representing groups with a fundamental disagreement on the implementation of a carbon tax, could set that aside. Moving forward, they looked to see where they could agree. The effort to reduce carbon emissions deserves that kind of attention and exploration.

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  • A matter of conscience

    There are so many in history; John Lewis, Ruth Bader Gingsburg, Greta Thornberg, Dorothy Day, Mohamad Ali, Frederick Douglas, Malcolm X, Daniel Ellsberg, Nelson Mandella, Ghandi, Thomas Paine, Anne Frank — women and men of conscience who educated us, enlightened and informed our conscience, urged us forward.

  • Courage: the core of every great judge

    I thought a long time about what I could say about Amanda Benjamin that has not been said already, and I was somewhat at a loss. Of course, I echo all that has been said about her integrity, intellect and judgment.

  • Mayor Dean Sawyer: a proactive leader

    Mayor Dean Sawyer has been a proactive leader in this time of COVID-19 and local businesses having to cut back.

  • Facts about the race for judge

    Facts: 1. Marcia Buckley is vastly more qualified and experienced than her opponent.

  • We must work against division and fear

    The U.S. dollar has not been backed by gold since Richard Nixon ended that requirement, so now the strength of the dollar depends on the economic health of our communities and the efficiency and durability of our infrastructure.

  • A mental health issue

    The News-Times Oct. 16 story, “Woman faces lengthy prison term,” describes a 31-year-old woman with a battered-childhood history charged with attempted murder of the offending parent.

  • If only Trump…

    It is supremely ironic to remember Trump’s repeated claim that “only he” could solve this country’s problems. Trump still blames Hillary or Obama for everything that is wrong. That excuse was lame to start with — and is simply ridiculous now.

  • Under Measure 110, kids could hide hard drug use from parents

    As a father who lost a son to fentanyl overdose, I strongly oppose Measure 110. The measure would decriminalize the possession of lethal doses of addictive drugs for children and adults in Oregon — in the midst of our addiction crisis.

  • Trump Administration failures

    In 2016, the White House resident sold himself as a champion of working people. Working people have suffered decades of policies that led to deindustrialization, declining wages, the transfer of wealth to corporations and the 1 percent, deregulation and an all-out assault on unions.

  • The end of an era in Waldport

    On Jan 1, Waldport Video closed its doors for the last time as owner Chuck Hill posted an “I retired” sign on the front door of his business. After 34 years of being an asset to Waldport and the surrounding area, it was time to retire.

  • Melissa Cribbins will bridge the great divide

    We urge you to vote for Melissa Cribbins for State Senate District 5. As our state senator, we believe Melissa will work across the aisle in Salem for the benefit of all in our coastal communities.

  • Vote for Dick Anderson for the coast

    Why am I endorsing Dick Anderson for Senate District 5? Dick is the right person for our district on many levels.

  • Jerome Grant, a champion for Depoe Bay

    My name is Cameron Brand, and I am the owner and operator of Cam’s Heating & Refrigeration since 2010. As a self-employed contractor and resident of Lincoln County, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working for Jerome Grant for the last 10 years.

  • Former judge supports Marcia Buckley

    Marcia Buckley is well known to me beginning in her early days in Lincoln County, to the present time when she now serves us holding the office of circuit court judge.

  • Our household is voting for Dean Sawyer

    I am writing to explain why our household is voting to re-elect Dean Sawyer as mayor of Newport.

  • Who is Susan Reese and who is the ‘insider?’

    On Jan. 17, Gov. Brown appointed Marcia Buckley to Judge Sanders’ vacant seat, against the recommendation of every elected judge in Lincoln County, including Judge Sanders. Susan Reese wrote a letter last week asking you to ignore the opinions of these "courthouse insiders" and convince you that the appointment was the result of careful deliberation of a “diverse committee.”

  • Vote Joe for Lincoln County commissioner

    Joe Hitselberger offers the citizens of Lincoln County proven leadership, program management, mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

  • I’m voting for Sandy Roumagoux

    I’m voting for Sandy Roumagoux for Newport mayor. Why? She is one smart and talented lady who knows how the system works. She is approachable, always willing to listen and can actually hear you while she considers requests and proposals within the realm of possibilities.

  • Eve of destruction: Nov. 2, 2020

    As I sit with one of my two cats on my lap, purring and content (both of us), I read Bobbie Lippman’s “Haunting” about Mary and her cat. I, too, am haunted and quickly called back to reality. As always, Bobbie is honest, true and right in her wisdom and guidance. “Don’t give up. Keep fighting for the good.” These words guide my thoughts as I am compelled to write this letter and right the wrong. Thank you, Bobbie, for reminding me to stand and fight.

  • End the librarian furloughs

    We all need to wear masks, wash hands and keep distances. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t maintain important services, such as our taxpayer-supported library.

  • My experience as a Boy Scout

    I am a former Boy Scout. During that period of my youth, I was scout leader of a Cub Scout Troop, a leader in my stays at several scout summer camps and, finally, a co-leader of a scout troop when the scoutmaster left.

  • We don’t need four more years of insanity

    “If you don’t quit being mean to me, I’ll take my football and go home!” You might expect that from a young school bully or a dictator, but you expect better than that from the leader of a free country. Or are we a free country?

  • Suggestion for presidential debates

    I would like to suggest the following arrangement for any additional debates between President Trump and Vice President Biden.

  • Melissa Cribbins for state senate

    The 2020 election season is the most important in our generation. Nationally, we have been held captive to the disaster that has been Republican Donald Trump who, spewing lies and disinformation, has promoted the rise of hate organizations.

  • I support Commissioner Clair Hall

    I would hope. That’s the theme of my letter. Hope. As a Lincoln County deputy district attorney, I write this letter in support of my friend and my commissioner, Claire Hall. I continue to be amazed at her work ethic, her dedication to this community and her availability when a constituent wants to meet with her.

  • Please vote to re-elect Dean Sawyer

    Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer has done a lot for the Hispanic community the past two years. He was able to help establish the Community Emergency Response Team Spanish language Listos training here in Newport.

  • Amanda Benjamin deserves our votes

    On Sept. 12, 2019, both Amanda Benjamin and Marcia Buckley filed with the Secretary of State for election to the judicial position vacated by the retirement to Judge Paulette Sanders. Both candidates also later applied for appointment to the position.

  • Vote Jerome Grant for Depoe Bay mayor

    I've known Jerome Grant since 2006 when he and his wife, Clary, bought the Sea Hag from my mother, Gracie.

  • Remembering the fire victims

    My sister-in-law, Lynn Nelligan, from Massachusetts, sent me a check in the amount of $50 to donate to help the families of Lincoln County that lost their homes in the recent fire.

  • Judge Marcia Buckley has the right experience

    I have been friends with Marcia Buckley since we attended law school together many decades ago. Judge Buckley is a hard worker who has the right experience and temperament to continue to serve the citizens of Lincoln County as a circuit court judge.

  • My hour with RBG

    A few years after I left the Lincoln County DA’s office, I went to work for the American Bar Association’s Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative (CEELI), now called ABA ROLI (Rule of Law Initiative). I lived and worked in Moscow for a few years.

  • Yes on psilocybin-assisted therapy

    I am a recently retired psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. I have worked in the fields of medicine and mental health for 48 years. I support the "Yes on Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy” Ballot Measure 109.

  • Lincoln County needs Judge Marcia Buckley

    Gov. Brown wisely appointed Marcia Buckley to replace Paulette Sanders. Since assuming office, Judge Buckley has been eliminating the shameful backlog in civil cases that the judges who oppose her candidacy allowed to accumulate.

  • Cynthia Jacobi needs to stay on city council

    Cynthia Jacobi needs to stay on the Newport City Council. She had been actively involved in the planning of the city’s future. As Newport begins implementing Vision 2040, Cynthia can provide fact-based decision-making to form our future.

  • In my opinion, the choice is clear

    When determining the best choice for a circuit court judge, I look at integrity, experience and endorsements from one’s peers who have worked closely with the candidates. Based on these criteria, Amanda Benjamin is the right choice in her race against Marcia Buckley for Lincoln County circuit judge.

  • We need to keep David Gomberg

    We have known State Rep. David Gomberg since he was first elected. We are impressed by his dedication to the wellbeing of families and businesses and his ability to navigate the myriad issues facing our coastal communities.

  • Protecting residents, tourists, animals and property comes first

    It’s been several weeks since I was sitting in my car with my husband and dog, ash flying around, smoke so thick we could barely see two cars ahead of us, as everyone tried desperately to evacuate Lincoln City on the lone open escape route.

  • Cannot support Dick Anderson

    I have always considered myself as a conservative Republican and strong believer in the free enterprise system.

  • Cast your ballot for Melissa Cribbins

    In June of 2019, Republicans in our state legislature didn’t show for work. They didn’t want to vote on House Bill 2020. They didn’t want to do their job. Some of them even went so far as to hide like children who don’t want Mom to find them so she can make them clean their room.

  • COVID stats in China versus U.S.

    How many COVID-19 deaths have there been as of Sept. 29? China: 4,634, population 1.39 billion; United States: 206,000, population 339 million.

  • Claire Hall has record of service

    Claire Hall has a long and distinguished record of service to the people of Lincoln County, and I urge voters to re-elect her to the board of commissioners.

  • Retain Dean Sawyer as mayor of Newport

    I have known Dean Sawyer for many years, and I am particularly impressed that he works so hard for Newport and gets no salary for doing so. Dean was recognized this year for his hard work on the COVID-19 issue here.

  • Dick Anderson has shown true leadership

    Like many of my friends, I have long been concerned about the Republicans’ repeated abandonment of their responsibilities by fleeing the capitol to hide from votes they are afraid of losing. My argument to the party has always been, "put candidates that will win elections on the ballot, and Republicans will get the voice they want in Salem. It's how democracy works."