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  • A bit of insight on the PAC

    Regarding Ted Smith’s Jan 31 letter (“Live music venues lacking”). The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA) understands the closing of two iconic Newport restaurants reduces venues to showcase local bands. A private business, such as a restaurant, is different from running a public performing arts center, however. The latter has long-term, multi-year commitments, plus financial responsibility to the City of Newport that owns the building.

  • This is an unconscionable betrayal

    Governor Brown touted the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between timber corporations and environmental groups as "historic" and "extraordinary." It is neither.

  • Imperative to cap short-term rentals

    An immediate cap on short-term rental (STR) licenses in unincorporated Lincoln County would be a compromise that supports the Lincoln County economy and residents that have been negatively impacted by STRs.

  • Let's get rid of the rest of the plastic

    I walk part of Patterson Beach every day, and every day I pick up plastic bottles and lots of plastic bottle caps. Of course, there are also small colored pieces of plastic. I do pick up and recycle the plastic bottles I find, but the plastic caps are not recyclable.

  • Potholes are back on Big Creek Road

    Big Creek Road is notorious for large potholes. Every month or so gravel is spread.

  • Thoughts on impeachment

    It was reported (by the Wall Street Journal) that Mrs. Pelosi remarked after the impeachment she led failed: “He is impeached forever no matter what he says.”

  • Flooding preparation act makes good sense

    I want to thank Congressman Earl Blumenauer for introducing a proactive bill to help communities better prepare for flooding and address problems related to frequently flooded properties.

  • Kudos to Senator Roblan

    The Oregon Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on climate bill SB 1530 on Saturday, Feb. 8. Climate legislation has been a very divisive issue in the state of Oregon with the Republican Senators walking out of the 2019 session to kill the bill.

  • Appreciation for vote-by-mail

    I recently received an email from Senator Wyden regarding voting rights and how important it is to all of us to have voting security. The 2018 midterm elections saw inexplicable purges of voter rolls, new requirements to make voting more difficult and long lines at the polls. This administration also has a sham Election Integrity Commission, a voter suppression commission fueled by baseless claims of “widespread voter fraud.”