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  • Puzzled by letter writer’s arguments

    Mr. Gorblirsh selected a derivative definition of the social science phrase, virtue signaling (“Virtue signaling is everywhere,” letter to the editor, May 8 edition). The definition he chose has been popularized by social media as derogatory or a put-down.

  • Toledo Library thankful for grants

    The Toledo Public Library has a new, exciting public computer management system thanks to the generosity of the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contributions Fund grant and the East County Community Partnership grant.

  • Fascinating juxtaposition

    Two letters on the opinion page of the May 1 edition of the News-Times caught my attention. The first was from a science denier with, at best, a tenuous grip on the fundamentals of Earth science and the misconception that he is ready for a new career as a stand up comic. There is much that we do not understand about how the Earth works.

  • On the ballot but not in the Voters’ Pamphlet

    There is an election underway in Lincoln County. We are selecting leadership for the school board, community college, health districts, water districts, fire districts and a majority of the Port of Newport commission. On my own ballot, there are 16 candidates. But sadly, only six are included in the county Voters’ Pamphlet.

  • Arnie Roblan needs to vote no on Senate Bill 978

    To the honorable Senator Arnie Roblan. I live in your district; Pacific City in south Tillamook county. I'm the chair of the Tillamook Republicans, a member of the Tillamook Elks, a director of the Pacific City Dorymen's Association, a lifetime member of the NRA and the Oregon Hunters Association, a former candidate for Tillamook commissioner, state representative District 10 and am currently a candidate for the Pacific City Joint Water-Sanitary Authority.

  • It’s time for all of us to stand up

    The tragic events of cruelty, indiscriminate lies and hatred on the part of the current administration in the White House have moved so many of us to tears on a daily basis that I and countless others have been overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. It is high time we all pull together as one society, united to put an end to this full blown tyrannical violent madness. When children are separated from parents and locked in a cage, that’s where my compassionate heart draws the line to become far beyond extremely angry and shouts “no more.”

  • Banning plastic bags is a safety issue

    The fact is that plastic bags present an unnecessary health hazard for the city, state and planet. Plastic bags break down into invisible micro plastic faster than any other form of plastic. Micro plastic is present in every ocean in the world, and scientific evidence proves that it is in tap water, meat, fish, honey, beer and the very air we breathe. Seventy percent of all marine life tested showed micro plastics in body tissues, and 93 percent of human beings tested likewise. Banning plastic bags is admittedly only a start to detoxifying our world, but it is a step that must be taken for the health of all.

  • Sam Case students are an inspiration

    I wish to add my gratitude to yours, Madison Smallwood (“Thank you Newport City Council and mayor,” May 1 edition). I think the city council made a good decision to ban single use plastic bags. I'm sure you and your classmates enlightened and uplifted them towards this very important goal, better care of Mother Earth.

  • Thank you Siletz Tribe

    Thank you Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund for your generous contribution to our nonprofit organization, Coastal Range Food Bank, Inc., for $2,000. We extend our gratitude for your continued support of our Food Assistance & Nutrition Program funding, through your grant-making activities.

  • The hate makes me very sad

    On Wednesday, May 1, I sat in the library and read the paper, along with the editorial/opinion section. When I looked around the library, I noticed so many magazine covers that defaced Donald Trump, defaced the president of the United States of America. I saw hate in their words, hate in their illustrations. It made me very sad, and it made me want to weep.

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BREAKING: Impaired captain was responsible for at-sea mishaps, possible assault

The saga of a captain who appeared to be neither a proper master of his ships nor his own impulses is unfolding at a Coast Guard hearing in Newport, with testimony giving details about the man sleeping at the wheel, using marijuana, displaying intoxication and possibly assaulting another person aboard his boat.

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Mary B II captain tested positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine

Coast Guard investigators revealed that the captain of the doomed fishing vessel Mary B II tested positive for methamphetamines and alcohol.

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Fed up shrimpers may look to state for oversight

Missed payments, cash draws against the future and unpaid bills. Shrimp fishermen and plant workers from Newport to Eureka are feeling the financial pinch as a deadlock with processors continues.

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Widow recounts boat's tragic trajectory

The widow of Toledo fisherman Josh Porter has painted for investigators a picture of a frustrated man battling an incompetent captain in the days and hours leading up to the sinking of the Mary B II.

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BREAKING: Woman says she was hit in the face on Biernacki's boat

A Toledo woman who says she was aboard a tuna boat piloted by Captain Stephen Biernacki last August has come forward to recount the man hitting her in the face with a microphone and trying to confine her to the boat's bunk area after the two fought over a radio call she made to try to get another boat to take her back to shore.

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New memory care facility opens in Newport

Caring Places Management held a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Newport Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors last week at the new South Beach Manor. However, it will still be a couple of days before the center puts on its finishing touches and welcomes its first residents

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Quick community aids in fire response

OTIS — Firefighters stepped in to control a home blaze being battled by neighbors last Friday. North Lincoln Fire and Rescue was dispatched to the house fire on N. Deer Drive in Otis shortly past noon. It was reported that there was an exterior fire next to the home, windows were breaking and the fire was extending. There were also three dogs in the garage attached to the home. The home was unoccupied.

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Local News

Mary B II captain tested positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine

Coast Guard investigators revealed that the captain of the doomed fishing vessel Mary B II tested positive for methamphetamines and alcohol.

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Few contested seats in special election

Voters are busy checking boxes for the May 21 special election. In many of the Lincoln County races, there is only one choice on the ballot.

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K9 helps bring in Lincoln City suspect

Officer Nix was busy early Thursday morning. At about 12:51 a.m., Lincoln City Police Officer Torin Liden initiated a traffic stop on a white 2000 Subaru sedan in the area of Highway 101 and the “D” River Wayside State Park for an observed traffic violation

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