Enjoy the power of the ocean — from a safe place

The first significant storm of 2020 made its way into Oregon last weekend, and, coupled with extreme high tides known as “king tides,” it made for some pretty spectacular storm watching along the coast.

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It's good to see movement on student housing plans

Oregon State University announced plans this week for construction of new student housing in South Beach to support the university’s Marine Studies Initiative, the program that will be housed in that new building people have been watching go up for about the last two years next to the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

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  • GOP monkey business

    There is one point about the impeachment process that hasn’t really been closely examined — the implications of the Republican Senate’s attitude toward the trial.

  • Freedom has never been free, ever

    Anti-war protests? That’s a laugh. Why now? Or is this just more of the same years-old, flaming hatred of President Trump?

  • Statistics are sometimes deceiving

    I would like to make a few corrections to the information given by Thomas Adams on the effect of tariffs on Chinese goods.

  • Alternative facts thrive in Newport

    Alternative facts swirl around and emanate from the nation’s capital. I have witnessed the City of Newport wallowing in alternative facts, too. Well folks, there's no such thing as alternative facts. Facts are facts.

  • Thank you local law enforcement

    I want to send my thanks and appreciation to Newport Police Chief Jason Malloy and Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers who, along with several other NPD and LCSO officers and deputies, hosted a community forum with our community's Latinx population recently at Newport City Hall.

  • January 26 — 320 years ago

    Hard to believe it’s January 2020, and like many of you, I’ve made my New Year’s resolutions — to exercise more, lose some weight, eat healthier and spend more time with family. It may also be a good time to make sure your family’s preparedness gear and earthquake and tsunami plan is ready.

  • A permanent homeless center is critical

    How could it be that in our town a homeless man died in the Fred Meyer parking lot? Did he give his life to get our attention? Let’s stop admiring the problem, get off our task forces, massage our local finances and build a homeless center for men, women and children.

  • We need an Affordable Housing Act of 2020

    I am asking candidates for public office to ask Congressman Kurt Schrader (5th District-Oregon) to formulate a bill in Congress called the Affordable Housing Act of 2020.