A time to honor our veterans

Veterans Day is Monday, Nov. 11, and it’s a time to say thank you and show appreciation to those men and women of this great country who were willing to serve and protect the United States of America through their service in the military.

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Additional Articles

  • Misinformation about impeachment

    Individuals and media have spread so much misinformation about the ongoing impeachment inquiry that people are confused about fact-based evidence.

  • Thank you Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund

    The Siletz Valley School would like to thank the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund committee for awarding the school $292,000 for the 2019-20 school year.

  • We wanted a change

    Thank you, Bob Folkers, for your common sense viewpoint (“You’re asking me the wrong question,” Oct. 30 edition). What a shame that the Democratic Party does not care enough to do their job on behalf of this country and us taxpayers — who pay their exorbitant salaries — because Clinton did not win the election.

  • Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds

    On Oct. 7, President Donald Trump betrayed the Kurds. I soon got a phone call from a friend who works in Kurdistan. My friend said he felt “poisoned.” I knew exactly what he meant — I had the same reaction. So have many American servicemen who worked with the Kurds. Trump’s casual betrayal of the Kurds will have repercussions that will last for generations. Sickening.

  • Differences in how a word is presented

    How a word is presented in a sentence and the way it affects how folks think about things is an interesting thing. Take the word industry. It conjures up visions of vast expanses of smokestacks belching away or endless halls of server racks and cube farms. A juggernaut that is too big to stop or fail. A life in and of itself that we are but a small cog in the workings of.

  • What do we know about Georgia-Pacific?

    What do we know about Georgia-Pacific? We know that GP has supported our community in ways big and small for the past 61 years. GP provides family wages and benefits to 380 employees at the Toledo mill. GP purchases more than $300 million a year to keep the mill operational, buying as much locally as possible.

  • The Trump impeachment is a bonfire of the ironies

    Tragedy, black humor, satire, self-parody — call it what you want, but the dumpster fire of the Trump presidency is rooted in his lack of character and morality.

  • Renewal of Lincoln County option tax

    As the recently retired director of the Newport Public Library, I encourage all eligible Lincoln County residents to vote yes for Ballot Measure 21-197, the renewal of the Lincoln County Library District’s local option tax.

  • Cold weather threatening vulnerable

    As our community experiences colder weather, we are in critical need of transitional housing and emergency shelters. We may very well have a severe winter. We need community support for the Chance Inc. facility in Lincoln City, and Grace Wins Haven in Newport.

  • Just say no to Toledo mill

    Lincoln County stands up against pollution, finding better solutions for pollution prevention. How is OSU helping with technology for the Georgia-Pacific Toledo mill to pollute less? Yes, we need family wage jobs at the mill, but taxpayers of Lincoln County should not be subsidizing the rich Koch brothers.

  • The tale of the lighthouse ghost

    No doubt the tale of a Yaquina Bay Lighthouse ghost recounted by Dorothy Wall in her “Yaquina Lighthouses of the Oregon Coast” (1994) and recently reprinted in these pages was based on folklore she may have heard while working as a camp host at the site.

  • OSU agrees student housing is important

    I read with interest the News-Times Oct. 24 story regarding Oregon State University’s opening in 2020 of its marine studies building within the campus of the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

  • All elements came together

    Great music, skilled musicians and gorgeous views of Yaquina Bay all came together on Oct. 19 when the Newport Symphony’s Element String Quartet performed in the Doerfler Family Theater at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center.

  • Lighthouse ghost story fun, but fiction

    The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse ghost story reprinted in “Old News: A Look at Lincoln County’s Past,” is fun, especially this time of year, but it should be noted that it is not true.

  • Asking me the wrong question

    I was recently asked what I see in Trump. Wrong question. Should be: “What do I see in the Democratic party of today, which is not the FDR or JFK party?” I see hatred with a “get Trump” anyway they can, be it lying or underhanded politics. I see an unwillingness to accept an election. Our system allowed for Hillary or Trump. Tough choice, since the Clintons are the most corrupt politicians of my lifetime.