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A new tool for battling wildfires

With the return of wet weather and, in particular, periods of heavy rainfall this week, it’s quite likely that most people aren’t thinking about the threat of Oregon wildfires right now.

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Heroes living among us

Several events took place last week that brought to mind the fact that we have heroes living among us — men and women who have served, or who are currently serving in the U.S. military. They have fought, and continue to fight to preserve our way of life, the freedoms that so many of us often take for granted.

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Let the games begin

This week marks the beginning of a new season of winter sports. From basketball to wrestling to swimming, there will be a wide variety of sporting events around the county, showcasing the skills of the area’s young men and women.

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  • A way to give back to arts and culture

    Do you value public radio, music, libraries, museums and monuments? If so, please take advantage of Oregon’s most generous offer to support them. Every Oregonian has the right to direct a portion of their state taxes to fund arts and culture, but only a small percentage act on it.

  • Pretense as defense: the GOP on trial

    President Trump clearly has no real defense against impeachment. Instead, his GOP defenders have chosen to focus on deflection, denial and silly objections about the “process.” As a defense, this is pure pretense.

  • Trump must go in order to preserve democracy

    I'm continually impressed by the number of Trump supporters that express opinions that are taken directly from the pundits at Fox News. The recent letter from Darlene Bowen for instance (“Doesn’t this bother anyone but me?” Dec. 6 edition), provides a good list of completely false accomplishments of our current president.

  • Impressed with diplomatic corps testimony

    Everyone I’ve talked to has been impressed with our diplomatic corps’ performance at the recent impeachment hearings. All of them were very professional and appeared to be trustworthy and honest. It would take a great deal of courage to go there and give testimony.

  • Christmas on the Oregon coast

    The giving and the spirit of our small coastal towns still overwhelms me. It’s not the buildings getting the colorful lights with all the trimmings.

  • Warming shelters in Lincoln County

    Our community enjoys great wealth, and yet many people struggle and suffer. Our community must have a warming shelter so that we can save lives. We have many people who have medical needs, housing needs and employment needs, and we still have no warming shelter in south Lincoln County.

  • Doesn’t this bother anyone but me?

    I’m so disappointed in all the people who badmouth the president of the United States. Think about this: why did Trump run for president? He doesn’t take a salary, but he does take a lot of disrespect and badmouthing. And for what?

  • Oregon legislative update

    Mid-November saw a flurry of activity in the Capitol as we convened for Legislative Days. In addition to attending hearings on a variety of subjects, meeting with advocates and reviewing the new revenue forecast, legislators submitted their bill proposals in preparation for the month-long “short” legislative session in February.