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Decisions are made by those who show up. Our local government is our neighbors who stepped up to the challenge to lead. It is more common than not for them to go about their work without anyone else there. I’ve attended countless public hearings where no one representing the public showed up. Industry is usually present when the issue concerns them — those with a vested interest generally show up, especially if their interest is financial. It takes nothing to comment on a post complaining about this policy, that mandate or how and where vacation rentals should be run. You don’t even have to read the story or take the time to learn the history of the issue.

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  • COVID and long-term care facilities

    Gov. Brown has ordered long-term care facility staff and residents in Oregon to be tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours, and then weekly after anyone in the facility tests positive, until 14 days pass with no new positives.

  • View the Future says ‘thank you’

    With four years of planning, soil studies, design, engineering, land clearing all completed and the funding already secured, the Amanda Trail Suspension Bridge Project, scheduled to be built this fall, had to be tabled indefinitely due to the massive layoffs at Oregon Parks. All of the partners, donors and our local Yachats community were saddened.

  • Celebrating community health centers

    From Aug. 9–15, community health centers across the United States will celebrate National Health Center Week, including right here in Lincoln County.

  • Thoughts on National Garden of Heroes

    There was a lot of talk around the Fourth of July about how we need a National Garden of Heroes to contain statues of the resident of the White House’s favorite heroes. There has been an executive order signed to this effect, and it appears it is being carried out.

  • No school for nine weeks

    We all knew it was coming, but it's still a shock. All Lincoln County School District classes will take place online for the first nine weeks of the upcoming school year. I believe that the options put forth by the school district will have fair to good success with kids in middle school and above. My concern is how online teaching will work for elementary aged children.

  • Let’s all work together

    These are perilous times for our country. Regardless of underlying reasons, the horror happening in so many cities must end. We can and must work together toward solutions. If leaders, regardless of ideology, will work together, solutions can be found. Prayer is the starting point.

  • We need our police

    What will happen when we have no police? We will be attacked, robbed, beaten and killed.

  • Michael A. Gibbons, 1943-2020: eulogy for a beloved soul

    Michael’s long-held dream, nay promise and trust, was his work would help to uplift and refine the human spirit and that of his beloved home world. To look at Michael’s artwork is to see and feel the soul of a true messenger for whom beauty, harmony and grace speaks to the heart of Michael Gibbons.

  • Is decriminalization necessary?

    In November, Oregon will vote on The Drug Addiction and Recovery Act. The main goal of this initiative is to make substance abuse recovery resources available to more people within the state. This plan will be funded by tax revenue from legal cannabis sales, along with money saved by implementing the proposed strategy from the state prison system. This has proven to be a controversial topic, so let's examine why.

  • STRs should be in appropriate locations

    "Use of dwellings for transient occupancy purposes (short term rentals or STRs) has immitigable adverse impacts on surrounding residential uses and is therefore prohibited."

  • Action alert for registered voters

    Have short-term rentals (STRs) in your residential neighborhood negatively impacted your quality of life? Have your friends heard you complain about them? Yes, weak enforcement of the rules is troubling, but the real problem is that STRs do not belong in residential neighborhoods.