Zuhg opens skate shop in Lincoln City

Owners Dane Sorenson and Bryan Nichols pose at the counter with Megan “Sally” Brieno of Sally’s Skateboards during the opening of Zuhg Skate Shop on Dec. 21. (Photo courtesy of Sabine Wilson)

North county surf shop expands with a secondary location solely for skateboarding

When Zuhg Life Skate Shop opened for the first time on Dec. 21, cold rain on a December day didn’t stop local skaters from heading to Lincoln City’s newest source of skateboarding gear. Though co-owner Bryan Nichols said they may hold another grand opening for the shop during spring break.

Nichols owns the shop with Dane Sorenson, with whom he also owns and operates Zuhg Life Surf Shop. Though they have owned the skate shop’s location for some time, originally they were using the space for screenprinting their in-house designs. But with extra space and set up, they knew they wanted to do more.

“We came up with the skate shop idea because there isn’t one in town, and we have one of the best skate parks in the world right here in town,” said Nichols. “So we decided to go for it. Dane Sorensen and I both grew up skating — he’s still actually really good. So it’s been fun to order all the skate products that we grew up obsessing over, very nostalgic.”

Another big motivator for Nichols was that the shop gave his sister, Megan Brieno, a place to work on and sell her designs under the company name Sally’s Skateboards.

“Sally is my sister Megan’s nickname. She loves to do art and always has,” said Nichols. “I had the idea to start Sally’s Skateboards where she draws 100 percent of the designs. Another way to keep her busy, have her start her own little company that we can feature at the skate shop. People have really been loving the designs that she has been drawing so far.”

Sally’s Skateboards merchandise is only found at the Zuhg Skate Shop, and new designs are regularly featured on the company’s Instagram account, @sallysskateboards.

Other products found at the skate shop include skateboards, skate gear and Zuhg branded T-shirts, hats, hoodies and more — and all the apparel is screen-printed by the shop.

Though the surf shop sells online as well, the skate shop’s online store is still in the works.

“We will have the online store up and running soon,” said Nichols. “For now, the (surf shop’s) online store is available at www.zuhglifesurfshop.com, where you can buy ZuhG Life apparel and much more.”

The Zuhg Life Skate Shop is located in Suite F of 1800 SE Highway 101, Lincoln City. The shop is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Products, announcements and more about the skate shop can be found online at zuhglifeskateshop.com and on the shop’s Instagram account: @zuhg_life_skate_shop.


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