Yachats working on water protection plan

Thanks to a grant from the Oregon Health Authority, the city of Yachats is in the process of developing a drinking water protection plan. The plan will identify potential threats to the city’s drinking water sources and establish strategies for reducing or preventing those threats. Community input and feedback will help the city better protect shared drinking water supplies.

Yachats’ drinking water currently comes from Reedy and Salmon creeks, two tributaries of the Yachats River. Any potential future water sources would likely also come from nearby watersheds. Protecting these water sources will improve the city’s ability to provide a reliable supply of high-quality drinking water for years to come.

The city has assembled a Drinking Water Protection Plan Team to guide development of the plan. The team consists of Yachats community members and technical experts in the region. The city is also holding two public meetings to seek feedback from community members and stakeholders.

The first public meeting will be held via Zoom at 11 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 21. At this meeting, the city will gather feedback from community members on the risks that have been identified so far and how those risks have been prioritized. Anyone who cannot attend the meeting can still view a recording of the session and provide feedback.

For more information about this project, and information on how to participate in the public meeting, go online at yachatsoregon.org/372/Drinking-Water-Protection-Plan or contact Suzanne de Szoeke at [email protected] or 541-257-9006.

Following the Sept. 21 meeting, the city will incorporate feedback into the plan and develop strategies to address the identified risks. The city will hold a second public meeting to seek feedback on the draft plan in April 2021.


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