Wonderful helpers at Eureka Cemetery

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the men, women and young adults helping at Eureka Cemetery on Saturday, May 23. This was such a well-organized group of volunteers, who placed flags on the veterans headstones, cleaned the headstones so people could find their loved ones and voluntarily helped others, as well — me being one.

This was a huge undertaking this spring. The rain helped the grass shoot up, and getting everything looking so nice was a tremendous undertaking. I so appreciated all of their hard work.

I have honored my family at the Eureka Cemetery for many years, and this was the very best year. The grounds were mowed and the Memorial Flower Garden looked so nice. I went with all the tools to do what I needed to do, but didn’t really need to use any of them.

What a great group of people. Thank you once again for all that help.

Donna Ghormley



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