Wise women offer advice for International Women’s Month

Above: Lou, 87, offers advice she’s used for decades: “A-B-C” or “Always be careful.” Below: Rose, 95, advises young women to be able to support themselves. (Photos by Brittany Sanok)

Life has changed a lot in the last few weeks with the novel coronavirus outbreak, and it seems that holidays and celebrations have been a blur.

However, March 8 was International Women’s Day, which then became a “Women’s History Week” that eventually turned into a month-long celebration. To commemorate that, the News-Times went into Oceanview Senior Living to speak with a few residents to create a video celebrating the wonderful women who reside there — additionally, the video would include any advice that they would like to share for the younger generation.

Stacy Hall, lifestyle director of Oceanview, was more than on board with the project. Prior to the News-Times’s visit, staff sent out a sheet of paper that read “What advice would you have given to yourself in your early 20s?” to all the female residents.

In a time where we need as much feel-good content as we can possibly get — and to give our brains a coronavirus break — here is advice from some women who have been living through the decades.

Some advice was about how to take care of yourself and lifting up your own spirits.

“Be good to yourself and love yourself,” 65-year-old Hazel said. “Believe you can do anything. Don’t put yourself in danger. Marriage is overrated. Have fun and laugh everyday.”

“Forgive yourself first; then expand to forgive others,” said June, age 97.

Then there is the advice that might seem typical, but a friendly reminder never hurt anyone,

Blanch, age 102, said, “Do a lot of exercise, it builds your strength … so you can handle being old.”

Now, more than ever, with restaurants being closed, this advice might take you far;

“Learn to cook and bake,” 78-year-old Margaret advised.

Then there’s advice that you can take or leave, but will certainly give you a chuckle;

“Meet a 100-year-old millionaire with one foot in the grave who will you all his money,” Betty, age 90, said.

Check out the video, “Celebrating International Women’s Month,” on the News-Times Facebook and Instagram pages. For even more video content, head to Youtube and search for the “News-Times Media Group” page.


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