Why should we profit from pandemic?

I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income. I, like many millions in this country, did not have any loss of income due to this COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, why should we profit financially from it? Why should anyone?

I am truly upset about the amount of stimulus money paid out to undeserving people and not enough to those really hurting. I realize that sitting at home all the time is boring. It gives me “cabin fever” just like the rest of you. But at the same time, you are not spending as much on entertainment, so you are saving in that respect.

The $1,200 I received in the stimulus payout I gave to the nonprofits of my choice. They happened to be Food Share of Lincoln County and Meals on Wheels. They do good work for the people that are really in need of assistance.

Therefore, I am making a challenge to every single person running for election this year that has not suffered a loss of income due to COVID-19 to give your stimulus money to the nonprofit of your choice, and then tell your constituents exactly what you have done. This could be the greatest good to come out of this situation. Do it for them, and you will be doing it for yourself. Then you will be telling everyone that you really are serving those you wish to represent.

Pete Berry