Why are fireworks being sold?

Oregon has canceled Fourth of July fireworks displays across the entire state. Yet we see countless places where people can buy fireworks. Why is Newport, in particular, allowing fireworks to be sold at such a critical time? 

One reason for organized firework displays is to reduce the injuries caused by individual’s misuse or lack of experience with fireworks, and the damage caused through misuse. Why take a risk of increasing exposure of injury (fireworks) and COVID-19 to our essential workers (police, fire, hospitals, state parks) through error by the general public? Surely the prudent approach is to not sell fireworks. 

Every year we continue to pollute our shores and oceans through fireworks. Who will clean up the beaches this year, since the state parks are understaffed due to revenue loss caused by the pandemic?

Please, people, don’t buy fireworks and put yourselves and our essential workers at risk. And don’t pollute our seas and sea life.

State and local authorities, please ban fireworks. They are dangerous, pollute our waters and injure wildlife. 

Come on Newport, we rely on the ocean for fish and tourism. Ban fireworks, make a stand.

Richard Heal

Seal Rock


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