Who does Schrader represent?

Rep. Kurt Schrader, at the town hall meeting (Jan. 22), continued to demonstrate his style of political chatter that acknowledges and reflects your views to show he has heard them, but then floats them off on an ocean of platitudes compounded of vague plans and homilies that are totally devoid of substance. I say continued, for it hasn’t changed for years.

Schrader is also skillful in amassing campaign funds — well over $760,000 last year. His campaign war chest currently tops $2.8 million. Some of last year’s donors were pharmaceuticals and health products for $58,000; health professionals for $45,000, HMOs for $29,600, oil and gas for $46,000, Koch for $10,000 and hotels for $10,000. Perhaps this explains his inability to support single-payer health care, a livable wage and free education for pre-kindergarten through Ph.D., much less a green new deal.

So he was asked by a woman, who does he represent? Certainly not Lincoln County, with over 500 homeless children and one of the poorest counties in the nation. I was referring to the woman at the last town hall meeting before she was shouted down by the barking, faithful Blue Dogs.

Michael Kreis