Where's the law when you need them?

Like many residents in the Nye Beach area of Newport, I was rudely awakened around midnight on Thursday to the thundering roars and claps of ear-popping fireworks explosions emanating from the beach below Don Davis Park. Not only was my slumber disturbed, my Australian Shepherd panicked and bolted out. I was lucky to find her several blocks away, frozen in stark terror. Evidence of the volume of fireworks was found in the amount of debris littering the sidewalk at the south entrance to the beach from Don Davis Park. 

I realize that the beach is considered state property and that Newport is not responsible for policing the area. It is, however, Newport’s duty to protect its citizens and enforce unnecessary and obnoxious noise pollution after 10 p.m. Newport, at the very least, should communicate with the local Oregon State Police facility  or the Oregon State Parks ranger office and demand that they do their duty and handle this criminal activity.  

I’m sure you would agree that a complaint from a Nye Beach resident would be met with the obvious reply that law enforcement has more important tasks to perform to ensure a safe and sober celebration of the Fourth. More than likely, our city management would also rationalize that visitor income is too important and that Newport citizens need to be more tolerant.

As an alternative, given that both Newport and OSP increase their patrols on the Fourth, it would certainly be obvious to them exactly when the vivid displays and offensive sounds are occurring and spend five minutes politely requesting that the activities cease. In my opinion, the state parks rangers should be on patrol, as well. I’m not familiar with their holiday scheduling so it may be that they are given the day off. 

Chuck Victory



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