What do you see in this guy?

Bob (Bob Folkers, “New York Times pushing racism,” Sept. 18 edition): I don’t know if Trump is a racist or not. It’s very difficult to see what’s in another person’s heart, especially a stranger’s.

But based on Trump’s words and actions, he is clearly a creep toward women, a serial liar, a bully and a self-serving egomaniac. He’s also making money off the presidency, which is illegal and immoral, and do you really think he’s not in cahoots with Putin? He doesn’t know what he’s doing as president, and worse yet, he doesn’t seem to care.

So let me ask, what do you see in this guy? How is it you don’t see the same charlatan I do? Please don’t tell me it’s the economy. Our country has been growing moderately for the past 11 years or so, since it crashed under Bush II. Thank you, President Obama.

John Harrington



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