What do we know about Georgia-Pacific?

What do we know about Georgia-Pacific? We know that GP has supported our community in ways big and small for the past 61 years. GP provides family wages and benefits to 380 employees at the Toledo mill. GP purchases more than $300 million a year to keep the mill operational, buying as much locally as possible.

The GP mill in Toledo is the biggest recycler on the West Coast, converting nearly 500,000 tons of used packaging boxes into new product every year. Where would all those used boxes go if GP wasn’t in Toledo? To the landfill or incinerator, and that doesn’t help the environment.

And with the Juno project, GP will show us how to recover fiber from paper-based commercial waste and convert it into new paper. This will also greatly reduce the amount of commercial waste currently going to landfills.

Now GP wants to modernize the mill to make it safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. The state of Oregon actually encourages this kind of modernization through the Strategic Investment Program (SIP). The SIP is an incentive for business investment.

Without modernization, the mill won’t be able to adapt in a rapidly changing business environment while its competitors do. Without the flexibility to change, the mill and its employees would be at risk.

Why take a chance with the future of our workforce, our economy and our community? Let’s help GP not just stay in Lincoln County, but succeed here.

On behalf of our more than 80 business members, the Toledo Chamber of Commerce is pleased to support GP’s modernization of the Toledo mill. We’re glad GP is here.

Kathy Crane

Executive Director

Toledo Chamber of Commerce


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