“Weed Man” arrested on warrant

Edward Biggar

LINCOLN CITY — On Monday, Jan. 14, at about 11:30 a.m., Lincoln City Police officers arrested 53-year-old Edward P. Biggar of Toledo, on an outstanding warrant issued out of the Lincoln County Circuit Court.

Lincoln City Police officers became aware that a valid misdemeanor warrant for the arrest of Biggar had been issued by the Lincoln County Circuit Court. The charge listed on the warrant was stalking and carried a $15,000 bail amount. Biggar is known as the “Weed Man” because of the green marijuana leaf covered suit he wears and the high flying sign acrobatics he does while advertising for marijuana shops.

Lincoln City Officer’s Tolzman and Goodman were on patrol in the south 3200 block of Highway 101 when they saw Biggar out doing his street advertising for a local marijuana shop. The officers contacted Biggar and confirmed the warrant was valid. Biggar was taken into custody without incident and after a brief stay in a holding cell at the Lincoln City Police Department; he was transported to the Lincoln County Jail and placed into the custody of the jail staff. There were no other additional charges.

— Lincoln City Police Department


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