We wanted a change

Thank you, Bob Folkers, for your common sense viewpoint (“You’re asking me the wrong question,” Oct. 30 edition). What a shame that the Democratic Party does not care enough to do their job on behalf of this country and us taxpayers — who pay their exorbitant salaries — because Clinton did not win the election. 

Grow up, Democrats. We wanted a change, as you have done nothing for this country such as passing gun control, illegal immigration changes, doing something for the thousands of homeless in this country and doing more for our vets or working with medical costs, which is what we taxpayers want and need, but you ignore.

Why don’t you go after your own party reps for not investigating the money taken by the Clintons from Russia or the stupid Russian hoax with the 2016 election?

Folkers is correct when he says the Democrats have gone nuts. I sincerely hope that the voters in this country will wake up and realize what is going on and ignore this stupid impeachment farce because the Democrats hate Trump.

It is time that we had a president who says what he thinks, whether we like or not, and a president who is willing to change things for us, the citizens who pay the bills.

Grace Follette



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