We need social connections

This week is leading up to Easter, a time for Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and peeps. And even though it has been a little wet lately, springtime has finally arrived.  

For Christians, it is also a time for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. I hope everyone has a chance this week to pause and think about their lives and the world in which we live. For me, it feels like our society has become less civil and tolerant of one another, which is contrary to the pioneer spirit upon which the state of Oregon was founded.  

We are not wired to live in isolation connected through the placenta of electronic communication. Instead, to live meaningful lives, we need the social connections that can only be found through family, friends, neighbors, book clubs, churches, etc.  

That is why I ask each of you, this next Sunday, to visit a church service … any church. You will be welcomed. You will meet people. You will build connections. And you will begin to tear down the wall of isolation that has slowly entombed our lives. Through acts of intentional social engagement, together we can begin to make a change that will help us individually, help our communities and help build a better future for our children.

Larry Davis, elder chair

Newport Christian Church


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