We need our postal service

Remember the stories about the brave men and horses called the Pony Express? The need arose for organized mail delivery before the Revolutionary War, as communication was essential for coordinating the overthrow of the British Government. It became an organized service for civilian mail exchange authorized by the Congress in 1775. Today, some 617,000 postal workers cover mail delivery in the U.S. and coordinate with global mail services.

Voting by mail ensures registered voters have the right to mark their ballots and have them counted. There are many commonsense reasons to go to a national level, mail-in ballot system for November elections, and paper ballots is one way to minimize corruption.

Why destroy this service that empowers people to communicate, stay connected, mail ordering of goods not available locally? Why would our government put 617,000 workers out of work? Could it be a political strategy decision to prevent a high voter turnout that predictors say would likely “go blue?”

My question is, how can we, the people, protect the USPS when we know signing petitions or donating money is ineffective? How can we use our collective will to ensure all registered voters’ right to vote is respected and that all can do so without increased risk of illness?

Our elected members of Congress need to hear this is important to their constituents. We can urge them to stand up to corrupt practices and take action legislatively to protect a service that has been a valued part of our lives through our country’s entire history.

If you’ve not yet marked your ballot in this primary election, please do it now and mail it, as USPS will deliver it to our county elections people with no postage due. And don’t forget to thank our USPS workers for providing services as essential employees.

Debra Fant



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