We need an Affordable Housing Act of 2020

I am asking candidates for public office to ask Congressman Kurt Schrader (5th District-Oregon) to formulate a bill in Congress called the Affordable Housing Act of 2020.

For eight years, I have asked Kurt's staff to communicate to our congressman to assist millions of Americans who are in crisis regarding housing. In Lincoln County, we have sky-high rent costs for working people and fixed-income folks. We have scant availability of any rentals. This is hurting our community, hurting businesses and our institutions. If Kurt Schrader can't accomplish this bill, then our district must choose another representative who will help our nation.

Kurt Schrader will be holding a town hall at the Hatfield Marine Science Center at 5 p.m. on Jan. 22. Please ask him to support affordable housing if you get a chance. Perhaps Kurt will understand how important this is to voters. We are out of time on this front-burner political need.

I attended the Lincoln City meeting a while back to support C.H.A.N.C.E Inc., to secure a conditional use permit to use their building for a warming shelter. It saddens my heart that every year we go through these convoluted processes to have a place that can help our people. Please ask all our candidates to clarify their position on this complex and tragic problem — 38,000 Oregonians are now homeless, and we are beyond crisis. Should we allow our veterans to die on our streets? How about folks with medical challenges? Should woman and children suffer and struggle with a severe lack of housing?  How many deaths on our streets will it take for our community to advance this cause?

I am again requesting a donated house or property so that we can help those who sincerely wish to advance their lives, and to regain employment and housing. Transitional housing can help people. Please call me at 541-270-0514 or email [email protected] if you can donate. We have a Christian-based nonprofit that is willing to assist us to secure a donated house. Please support our efforts to help others in need. 

David Peltier



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