We must inform ourselves and each other

One doesn’t need to be an economist to comprehend that we suffer under a brutal corporate principle of “max short-term profit” transmogrified into a divine maxim and its consequent “me only” ethos.

All the gospels of rugged individualism are for suckers and losers, i.e., workers, people of color, immigrants, women, poor and underclass. The rich are sustained by us.

Economics in this final, monopolistic era is policy. It hasn’t a thing to do with freedom, justice, efficiency, need, equality or democracy. Thus as a result, unions are smashed, consumers are duped, jobs vanish, workers are cheated and oppressed, the environment ravaged and people are lost in ignorance and poverty.

With the onset of neo-liberalism in the 1970s, the rug has been yanked from beneath 80 percent of us. Our industry (we built it) is transferred to slave labor nations and millions of U.S. jobs gutted (remember “lean and mean”). This process is abetted by automation, computers and now, emerging artificial intelligence. This technological structural unemployment is rampant across the globe, especially in the developed nations.

The solution is a free universal open democracy, not only in the political and cultural spheres, but in the workplace and economic spheres as well. Only with true democracy can racism, sexism, xenophobia, ecocide, specie-cide, exploitation, oppression and poverty be overcome. We must inform ourselves and each other, organize and transform the economic, judicial and political system to meet fairly and address human and environmental needs to ensure a healthy planet that permits individuals self-actualization. If we do not do this, there is no hope.

Michael Kreis



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