We don’t need four more years of insanity

“If you don’t quit being mean to me, I’ll take my football and go home!” You might expect that from a young school bully or a dictator, but you expect better than that from the leader of a free country. Or are we a free country? “If you don’t give me my nominee to the Supreme Court, I won’t give you any stimulus package.” End of conversation.

This is the same president that keeps saying, “Poor Donald, poor Donald,” but did his utmost to disrupt the presidency of Barack Obama from even before he was confirmed.

Everything that is printed against him is fake news. Only Fox News speaks the truth. Everything that “The Donald” tweets is taken out of contest. He praised the white supremacists, such as the Proud Boys, Neo-Nazis and whatever, and denigrates the anti-fascists. Go figure.

If you are interested in four more years of this insanity, increased gun violence, rioting and looting and destroying property, then re-elect this president.

Almost everybody would agree this is not “The Donald’s” fault, but it did happen on his watch, and he did not try to control it. There is an alternative to try and get back to some normality. The decision is yours, so vote.

On Nov. 4, I would like to see the Washington Post headline, “You’re fired.”

Pete Berry