We are all more alike than different

New owners bought our mobile home park a year ago and changed the park name to Surfside Community in Nye Beach. The owners and our new manager, Jennifer Ames, have encouraged us to build "community" within the park. We've spent weeks making improvements to the park: landscaping, building flower boxes, planting flowers, hanging bird houses, new signage. We've installed an additional park sign at the corner of Third and Hurbert. It is our way of encouraging kindness and promoting communication between our neighbors and visitors to Nye Beach. 

Our retirement community is alive and well, blessed with a variety of talented individuals. We believe in acts of kindness within the park and the community at large. These are challenging times, and we believe we are all more alike than different.

We encourage people to visit with us as we work on improvements to our park. Introduce yourself or just wave as you drive by. Even though this is a time of social distancing and wearing face masks, we like interacting with other people. Building relationships and community is important and we want to be good neighbors to everyone.

Sandy Blackman

Surfside Community tenant



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