Waldport subdivision is bad idea

This development is 7.75 acres, and the developer has planned 34 houses to be built in this area. The development has only two easements to it right now. One at the end of Norwood Drive, which ends in a dirt trail to the proposed development, and the other is at the west end of Kelsie Lane — this does have a small dirt road to enter the property. 

I live on Southwest Chad, which ends at Kelsie. I hear about seven cars a day coming up or down my street. Like Norwood, there are no sidewalks, so people walk on the two lane street. If there are cars parked on the street, it becomes a one lane street. 

With 34 houses proposed in this area, it would be approximately 60 cars moving on these streets. Chad would become like Highway 101 — lots of traffic, noise and pollution. I did not move to this area to be polluted by noise and traffic on my street. Now, I haven't even mentioned the impact of all the construction noise, truck traffic, the smell of diesel that will occur. 

Waldport is a great, funky, peaceful town. We do not need 34 more houses impacting this area, our welfare and our roads. If you are as enraged as me, please contact Waldport’s city planner, J. Peterson. The issue will be discussed at the May 14, 2 p.m. Waldport City Council hearing. Attendees may be participating electronically or physical attendance may be limited. Get an update from Waldport City Hall. 

Let's come together and stop Tidewater Development from building this subdivision.   

Christine Wisniewski