Waldport holds Wednesday market after all

Kristal Kearney, left, and David Tower, of Yachats, were at the Wednesday Market for the first time, selling sculptures they made during the pandemic.

WALDPORT — Photographer Michael Carr said he signed up for the Waldport Wednesday Market on Tuesday. “I saw somebody who posted something on Facebook,” he told the News-Times. 

On Wednesday, Carr was selling both prints and cards, mostly of the western United States. Locally, he said, he sells a lot of photos of lighthouses, Thor’s Well and Cape Perpetua. “And the comet, he said, “I got it over Yaquina Head and then at Driftwood Beach.”

Without a market manager, the Wednesday market was not thought to be taking place this year. The Beachcomber’s Days Committee proposed to the city of Waldport that the committee take over management of the market from the city of Waldport, Tianne Rios told the News-Times at the first market this week. Rios is secretary of that committee.

Erich Knudson is president, she said, Greg Holland, vice president. Wendy Knudson is treasurer. “We have a sub-committee of people that have been working on this with many volunteers in our community to try to bring back the market,” Rios explained.

“Waldport is extremely happy that the Beachcomber’s group was willing to take over this venerable market for the city,” City Manager Dann Cutter said. “We look forward to a continued partnership during these challenging times. The ability to shop local has never been more important.”

“Today we started with 10 vendors, but we’re already at 15 for next week,” Rios said. “There were vendors who came to check out to see what we’re doing, to see if it was safe, what was the layout.” She indicated the committee hopes to have between 20 and 30 vendors.

“We had 200 customers out here, I bet,” Rios said as she was taking payment from vendors at the end of the market. “Sales were really good. Every vendor here made really good money,” she said.

David Tower and Kristal Kearney, of Yachats, confirmed that. Kearney said they were selling mobiles with crystals and driftwood. “We make sculptures. We have clubs, walking sticks and jewelry. I did really well. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a market. I’ve never done it before, and we made 80 bucks, she said.”

“Most of the materials are collected right off the beach in Waldport — the wood and the agates,” Tower said. Kearney added, “We just made these things over the winter, during the pandemic.”

Honey Morrison, of Barefoot Hippies in Yachats, was at the Waldport Wednesday Market, also for the first time. “I was all signed up to do the country fair, Sunfest and some other big festivals, and they all got canceled,” she said. The Wednesday market is the only sales outlet she currently has for her jewelry, she said.


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