Waldport City Council changing the rules

The Waldport City Council has suggested amending the rules used to conduct council business and sent a 60 page agenda out last Friday. It is hard to tell what the changes are because you can't compare them to the rules that are in place now. 

One of the concerns I have is on page 23, under D. Public Comment, where it is stated, “Public comment shall not be used to testify about a quasi-judicial land use matter.” Why aren't the people of Waldport allowed to talk about land use in their town. Could it be Vista View is what they don't want us talking about?

Tidewater developers want to build 34 houses on seven acres called Vista View in Waldport. There will be only two new ways to get into this development, extending Norwood Drive and Kelsie Drive into the development. What I have noticed since March is there are a lot more walkers and dog walkers on our streets. Building 34 houses means 60 more cars driving on Norwood Drive and Chad Drive. Our streets will be overused by the large number of cars coming through. 

Obviously, the council does not care about the safety of the residents or they wouldn't be in favor of this development. If my neighbors feel the same, please write the Waldport City Council and try to make them understand our need for a quiet and safe neighborhood.  

The Waldport City Council consists of five members — there are two vacancies. When the council votes, it has to be 50 percent plus one. With five members, three people could make a decision on our town. The council wants to vote on the changes at the October city council meeting. I say fill the two vacancies before there is a vote on changing the rules. 

Christine Wisniewski



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