Vote for Sandy Roumagoux

I’m writing to encourage everyone to vote for Sandy Roumagoux in the upcoming Newport mayoral election. I’ve known Sandy for many years and worked closely with her when she was mayor and I was serving as interim city manager and library director. Sandy is a former city councilor and chairwoman of the Oregon Mayors Association. She is well known and well respected around the state.

Sandy knows what makes Newport tick. She understands that a healthy city doesn’t just provide basic city services.  She knows a healthy, vibrant city must provide the quality of life aspects that encourage people to move here and to stay here. 

Sandy recognizes the tremendous need for affordable workforce housing. She knows that housing for service industry workers is necessary to support our tourism, fishing and marine science concerns. Sandy is a stateswoman, a humanitarian, an artist, and she will be a great representative for all the people of Newport.

Ted Smith