Vote for excellence, re-elect Sheryl Bachart

Prior to my retirement six months ago, I had been a circuit judge for almost seven years, a circuit judge pro-tem for four years and a deputy district attorney for 16 years. For 22 of those years, I had the privilege of working with Sheryl Bachart, both as prosecutors and as judges. 

When she was first hired as a deputy district attorney, I was assigned to mentor her as she began the practice of law. Right from the start, I was impressed by her diverse attributes. She had, and has, an incomparable work ethic. She put in long hours each day and also one or two days each weekend. Without question, she is one of the smartest attorneys I have ever known. Her grasp of the law and of the evidence code put her in the circle populated only by the best and brightest minds. I will never forget her compassion and dedication in helping child victims of sexual assaults. She was, and remains, the children's champion, in and out of the courtroom.

However, to be a great circuit judge, it takes way more than what I have just described. A person without great personal integrity has no business being a judge. Apart from the many other differences between Judge Bachart and her opponent, the greatest contrast is when it comes to integrity.  

Vote for excellence. Re-elect Sheryl Bachart as our circuit judge. 

Paulette Sanders

Circuit Court Judge (ret) 


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