Vote for Claire, who cares

Lincoln County Commissioner Claire Hall is running for another term in this Primary Election, and along with the many others speaking and writing on her behalf, I support her candidacy and confirm the aptness of her slogan, “Claire Cares!”

If you are one who follows this news source, you know that Commissioner Hall, while serving us all, is especially attuned to many with additional needs. Using her considerable energies and influence here and statewide, she continues building up our communities’ health and wellbeing — improving veterans’ services, increasing early-learning programs to safeguard our children’s potential, seeking better availability and quality of health care, finding ways and means to increase available affordable and homeless housing and finding more effective ways to help those with substance abuse or mental-health challenges.

A wonderful example is her introducing Lincoln County’s Sheriff Landers to the Stepping Up Initiative (SUI) and working closely with him to implement this successful program. Its adoption is giving us a robust treatment and recovery continuum to target those who need it before they enter the jail system. The county is increasingly seeing SUI’s benefits, better results at less cost because of:

  • Enhanced training for deputies when interacting with those showing symptoms of mental-health disorder or substance abuse;
  • Diversion programs to open jail space for criminals who should be there rather than for those that jails were not designed for and have never adequately served;
  • Transitional programs that include monitoring, supportive services and sometimes housing;
  • Close coordination between our public safety, public health and hospital systems;
  • Public education and outreach so we respond more helpfully to those with these disadvantages.

Because of COVID-19 we need Commissioner Hall’s expertise, influence and passion even more as our households and businesses struggle to rebuild our community. Please vote for Claire, who cares!

Susan Woodruff



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