Vote Dick Anderson for Oregon Senate

Dick Anderson is a true and tested leader who has long recognized the unique needs of our coastal communities. That is why I strongly endorse his candidacy for Oregon's 5th Senate District. 

I rarely vote outside of my party, but the coast needs an effective advocate who will fight for our interests in the legislature instead of catering to the elite Portland politicians. 

The Oregon coast faces unique challenges and opportunities that Salem has not always responded to appropriately. Anderson's efforts on the Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association, as well as on two separate ODOT/Area Commissions on Transportation groups, underscore his skill and commitment to our region's varying needs.

He has led by example in handling substantial projects for Lincoln City while finding a balance between the many business interests and livability concerns of a thriving destination town. Electing Anderson would allow him to pursue the same success for our entire coastal district. 

Please join me in voting for Dick Anderson for Oregon Senate District 5. 

Randy Getman