Verdict in assault on Lauren Jackson

He kept misgendering her. Saying he wouldn't have hit her if he'd known she was "a transgender."

I sat there, with fury in my heart as I watched him on the stand. Tears kept streaming down my cheeks as I listened to him soft-pedal his bias and anger as he attempted to play the victim in all of it. I felt sorry for him. I felt anger towards him. It was eerie to be present for his testimony.

And then there was the light, kind, beautiful, loving, warm soul that is Lauren. I spoke with her out in the hallway as the jury was dismissed. I appreciated her calm, when I couldn't see how she could be. I wasn't. I just tried to absorb her grace.

I'm not sure if glad is the right word, but I am relieved to see how the jury decision came down and to see the bias crime confirmed. It's a lot of mixed emotions. It also just feels rare that there is a conviction on a hate crime against a trans woman.

Lauren is living her best life, and I'm so glad Oregon is her home. If you get to meet her, she's pretty damn special.

CM Hall