Two more COVID hospitalizations

Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital

LINCOLN COUNTY — Two more Lincoln County residents were hospitalized with COVID-19 this week, and four total have been placed in intensive care.

There have been seven county residents hospitalized with the novel coronavirus since the disease was first locally detected in late March. The county’s very first COVID-19 case, announced March 24, tested positive and was hospitalized in another jurisdiction, and no other patients were admitted to inpatient care for the first two months of the pandemic.

That first patient is now home after 10 weeks of treatment, the News Guard recently reported. She’d been placed on a ventilator and spent three weeks in an induced coma.

Following the outbreak at Pacific Seafood, one patient was admitted to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital on Sunday, June 7, and later transferred to intensive care in Corvallis after their condition deteriorated. A patient at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital tested positive on Monday, June 8, and was reportedly doing well.

Another was admitted to the Newport hospital last Friday, and two were admitted earlier this week. One patient has since been released, but the health department confirmed earlier this week that two patients hospitalized at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital were in intensive care. Another COVID-19 patient has been hospitalized in the Lincoln City hospital, but the News-Times does not have information on their condition.

Public health experts say the number of hospitalizations is a better gauge of the spread and severity of the pandemic than positive tests, as the latter can possibly be attributed to an increase in testing.