Two critical races in this election

All elections are important, but in my opinion, there are two races in the upcoming Lincoln County primary that are critical. Those positions are Lincoln County Circuit Court and Lincoln County District Attorney.

When deciding on a candidate for either of these positions, I feel integrity, honesty and experience are of the utmost concern. There are easily two candidates that fit these qualifications.

Lincoln County Circuit Judge Sheryl Bachart has served admirably in this position over the last six years. There is absolutely no reason to replace a highly qualified and exceptional judge like Judge Bachart. As you will recall, her opponent, Russell Baldwin, tried to unseat another incumbent judge — Thomas Branford — a couple of years ago. I attended a couple of candidate forums during that time and found Mr. Baldwin to be less than truthful about his past and also discovered he had little, if any, experience in criminal law. There is nothing that Mr. Baldwin offers that would improve on Judge Bachart’s excellence.

After reviewing the information in the state voter’s pamphlet, I find Lanee Danforth to be the best candidate for Lincoln County District Attorney. I recently served on the Lincoln County Grand Jury and was impressed with her professionalism. She was by far the most talented deputy DA that we had a chance to work with. Jonathan Cable was only recently appointed by Gov. Brown to serve as Lincoln County DA, previously working as a deputy DA like Lanee. My understanding is these appointments tend to be made more for political reasons, rather than opting for the most qualified candidate.

In my mind, the choice is clear. Please vote to re-elect Judge Bachart as Lincoln County Circuit Judge, and elect Lanee Danforth as Lincoln County District Attorney.

Ken Doerfler Jr.