Toledo Police Department presents awards

Dispatcher Wendy Pickell. Police Officer Marshall Dean.

TOLEDO — There were two Toledo Police Department Employees of the Year for 2019. Toledo Police Chief Michael Pace presented Dispatcher Wendy Pickell with the 2019 Dispatcher of the Year Award. Police Officer Marshall Dean was named 2019 Officer of the Year. Dean was also awarded the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Award for Officer of the Year by Michael Peterson of the VFW.

Pace recognized the employees of the year at the Toledo City Council meeting on Sept. 2, held virtually.

 “Marshall is no stranger to the Toledo Police Department,” he told the city council. “He worked with us as a cadet advisor prior to starting his law enforcement career in the Benton County Sheriff’s Office as a marine deputy.”

Pace related a conversation with Benton County Sheriff Scott Jackson when investigating Dean. “Sheriff Jackson told me he wished he had 100 deputies like Marshall.”

Pace commended Dean, saying, “Marshall is always willing to take a call for service no matter how small. This guy always shows up to work with a smile on his face, and you can sense his energy. He is a joy to work with,” he said.

The police chief related an incident last year when Dean responded to a call for help that was outside of his jurisdiction without being told to do so. In that response, Dean provided life saving techniques, saving the life of a newborn child. Dean was given a lifesaving award for his actions. 

In an incident this year, Pace continued, Dean once again responded to a location outside of his jurisdiction to provide assistance after a traffic crash. His assessment of injuries and application of lifesaving techniques led to improving the survivability of the motorists’ injuries.

 “Officer Dean, I am glad you came back to Toledo PD, and I want to thank you for representing our department with passion, drive, selflessness, and honor,” Pace told Dean.

Presenting Wendy Pickell with the 2019 Dispatcher of the Year Award, Pace said she joined the city of Toledo after a career with Walmart. Explaining that he always asks applicants why they want the job, Pace recalled, “Wendy stated she wanted a job that would challenge her. She wanted a job that her skills and knowledge would give her a sense of purpose. She said when she saw the job post, it spoke to her, and she believed she can excel at the job and contribute to it. But, most of all, she wanted to give back to the community that has supported her since moving to the area.”

Pace told Pickell he was glad she did. “Wendy has excelled in this position from the beginning.” Pickell was awarded the Victor G. Atiyeh Award while at the academy, the recipient chosen by fellow students as the overall most outstanding student in the class displaying exceptional professionalism and demonstrating exemplary attitude, as well as outstanding achievement in leadership, academics, and skills.


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