Toledo council begins road to manager recruitment

The Toledo City Council met Wednesday for a work session, where they discussed the beginning stages of recruiting a new city manager and did some preliminary planning of a town hall meeting. (Photo by Stephanie Blair)

TOLEDO — During their Aug. 28 work session, the Toledo City Council sat down with Matt Winkle, of the Prothman Company, to discuss desired traits in their next city manager and get the recruitment process rolling.

In their recruitment process, Prothman makes a sort of brochure for the position that candidates can look over. This includes information about the community, upcoming major projects, salary, a job description and a description of the council’s ideal candidate — as well as photos of the town itself.

All council except Jackie Kaufman were present, and each contributed ideas and comments on what they would like to see in the incoming manager, from experience to education, past projects to personality. Among other things, Bill Dalbey commented that he would like to hire someone with strong communication skills, Heather Jukich stated at different times that grant writing experience and a history of retaining employees were on her list and Stu Strom voiced that he would be looking for strong leadership in the next manager.

All councilors seemed to agree that knowledge of government financial systems and budgets were a key factor for their next hire, and that they were willing to hire someone who is new to being a city manager but they would prefer they had other related experiences, such as previously holding positions as a public works director or city recorder.

As for the hiring process, the plan proposed at the meeting was for selected candidates to interview with both the council and a panel of city staff. Then, finalists would be presented to the community at a meet-and-greet event. There was some disagreement as to whether a community vote was appropriate, though those in favor of taking that route said that the vote would only be a recommendation.

The timeline laid out for this process has shifted since it was proposed, but Winkle estimated that the draft of the brochure would be back before the council in two weeks and, once any corrections needed were made, then advertisement for the position could begin. Prothman’s bid for these services in their proposal was $17,500 plus expenses.


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