Toledo appoints final councilor

TOLEDO — The Toledo City Council has filled its final vacant seat with the husband of a councilor who was recalled in September. The matter of a filling the seat had lingered through the last three council meetings.

Winning by just one vote of the council, Stu Strom will serve Toledo until Dec. 31, 2020.

Interviews were the first item up after calling the meeting to order and Strom was invited to interview first, while his fellow candidate Susie Duncan waited outside the room.

The first question posed to Strom was about his motivation for running, which he seemed glad to address early.

“First off, I’d like to say that I’m my own person,” the applicant stated. “And that nobody else put me up to doing this except myself, and that I’m not doing this to seek any vengeance or axes to grind or anything else.”

Reasons Strom was seeking appointment included having more free time now that he’s retired, and wanting to be a part of helping Toledo continue as a ‘vibrant’ city.

He acknowledged that for many councilors, infrastructure is a top priority but said that, while it is important, his main focus different: “better housing.” Strom commented that there has been a lot of talk about bring more business to Toledo and he feels that having more residents is the way to achieve that. Also on his mind: the community’s rift.

Strom said that he feels that any criticism or complaint from citizens should be met with respect, first and foremost. He also said that he is “not afraid to get out and talk to people and gather information,” including attending meetings of other committees and organizations.

“The more you get out and about, the more information you have,” said Strom.

Strom noted his previous time serving as a councilor, 20 years as a Port of Toledo commissioner and being involved in the Summer Festival and the JCs for many years.

Strom won 3-2, with Councilors Bill Dalbey and Betty Kamikawa voting for Duncan. Strom was sworn in immediately by the city recorder.

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