To our school district officials

I am writing in support of the teachers of the Lincoln County School District as they seek to serve the students and families of Lincoln County while also doing what is best for their own families. If there was ever a time when compassionate leadership was called for, it is certainly now as we all face this nebulous and menacing atmosphere of COVID-19.

I beg you to change direction and support the teacher’s desire to be given the option to work from home or from their classroom as the individual teacher sees fit. Obviously as professionals, they will make the appropriate choices depending on whether they are doing a science experiment (obviously at school) or prepping students for a writing assignment (possibly from home).

As it happens, I am aware of the district’s plan to offer “child care” for the staff, and not only do I seriously question the benefit to the teachers’ children, but can easily foresee inflicting trauma on these unfortunate children as I have seen one of the rooms that the district is considering. How can anyone think it is a good idea to place children ages five to 12 in a large, cold, nondescript room not designed for education from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., five days a week? Do these children not deserve the best instructional strategy as the rest of our community’s students? Should they not also be given the opportunity to learn from home?  Additionally, I understand that the district will require a fee to be paid by these parents/staff to cover the cost of this “child care.”

I am horrified that the district thinks so little of their employees as to require them to put the needs of their families aside in order to go to an empty classroom to present online instruction that could just as easily be presented from their homes.

I cannot imagine a more clear way of saying, “We do not trust you.”

Again, I urge you to show respect and compassion. Lead by example. Don’t do to others what you would not tolerate for yourselves and your loved ones.

Deborah Trusty



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