TLC supports school district meal programs

TLC, a Division of Fibre Federal Credit Union, is stepping up to help ensure children don’t go hungry while schools are closed. TLC pledged to donate up to $55,000, which will be disbursed to help each of the 24 school districts within its service areas across seven counties in Oregon and Washington. Collectively, these districts serve over 37,000 total students. A minimum of $5,000 will support schools in Lincoln County as a supplement to state-funded breakfasts and lunches already offered by the schools.

Shannon Cahoon, community development manager for TLC, said the credit union is taking extra care to be responsive to the needs of its communities during this time, especially students who depend on school breakfasts and lunches as regular meals.

“Taking care of our youth and helping create equitable access to economic stability are two very important tenets of our corporate mission,” Cahoon said. “Meeting the needs of vulnerable students and families during this challenging time is one way we can carry out those goals.”


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