Timothy Joseph Michael Windle September 15, 1955 – June 28, 2019

Timothy Joseph Michael Windle 63

Timothy Joseph Michael Windle   September 15, 1955 – June 28, 2019

Timothy Joseph Michael Windle passed away peacefully in his home on June 28, 2019, with his wife Sabrina by his side. Tim was born September 15, 1955 in Malta, Montana; adopted as a newborn by Gordon and Charlotte Windle in Spokane, Washington. As a child, Tim lived in various Pacific Northwest areas, returning to Spokane to graduate from Joel E. Ferris High School.

Tim earned an Associate of Applied Science in Micro-processing in 1988 at the Spokane Technical Institute, fueling his lifelong love and expertise in all things computer and technological applications. Tim’s school years in Hawaii fueled his interest in sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving, so his enlistment in the U.S. Coast Guard was a natural step. His involvement in the U.S. Coast Guard began his lifelong service to community as a First Responder, including areas along the
Columbia River and in New York.

After leaving the Coast Guard, Tim Stayed focused on many service related activities. Serving as an EMT, Firefighter, Red Cross volunteer, and Rescue Diver allowed him to venture through many areas such as Spokane, Portland, and Newport. His other hobbies would include any part of computers, music, listening to and participating in the making of music, diving in Mexico and Hawaii with Sabrina, motorcycling, and all the things to do with food and entertaining friends.
Many happy days with friends and family were spent at his “Windle Manor”.

Tim was a cherished friend and mentor for Sabrina’s grown children. Shortly after marrying Sabrina McCain, they purchased a “fixer upper” to accommodate the five grandchildren they would raise. Tim’s life became busy with family activity, happiness, and great satisfaction the last years of his full life. Tim is survived by his wife Sabrina McCain Windle; stepchildren Chris, Ami, Kenneth, Brandon and James; grandchildren Joanne, Alex, Malachi, Brandon, and John Paul; great granddaughter Liara Sloane; sister Laurie Ferris (Rennie); so many nieces and nephews, and too many friends to count.

Tim told many friends and family that he wanted them to “have a party and do not have a sad funeral”.

The Time Celebration will be on his birthday, September 15, 2019 @ 2p.m. – 5p.m. at the Windle Manor on Chambers Court. The story of Tim will be held at 3p.m. Call, contact, or email family if you need the address!


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