This can be a teaching moment

I want to congratulate you on taking advantage of this teaching moment or to encourage you to use it. Emergency preparedness is something that needs to be done before the emergency. In most instances, your ability to respond or cope is limited if you wait until the emergency has happened. 

This particular emergency has a beneficial component. It allows for people to understand how they are prepared or not. It is easier than other emergencies as the infrastructure has not been damaged. Water still comes. Electricity still comes. The stores will be restocked, as the roads and distribution system are still intact. 

There is no need to panic. There is no need to purchase cases of disinfectant or 10 years of toilet paper. More will be coming. A month or so of supply is enough right now. Purchasing more is just depriving others and creating avoidable shortages. 

In other cases, whether a violent winter storm or the earthquake predicted, infrastructure can be compromised. More will not be coming in for some time. As a result, the supplies you have are the supplies you have. Racing to the store will not be possible. 

That is why this is teaching moment. I know you have run articles in the past, but now is the time to repeatedly do it again in every issue.  You will not have public meetings to report about so you have some space. People who panic don’t get it the first time, so repeat it. If they understand what to do and start doing it people will not panic. Go talk to the emergency preparedness people.

If we have the big earthquake, I don’t want to see the panic of too many of our 10,000-plus residents plus our 20,000-plus tourists due to lack of preparedness. Not pretty. Not good. 

Take advantage of the opportunity and save lives.  

Keep calm and carry on. 

Margaret E Dailey



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