They come and they go

During my life, I have seen many Democrat and Republican presidents come and go.  I have always disliked the Clintons, and when Bill was elected, I was like many who have Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) "the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to politics.” Quickly I found it affecting my state of mind, and I let go. I didn’t embrace Bill, but I stopped getting angry, knowing he would leave one day.

I have two friends, well, one is still a friend, both staunch Democrats, who have handled the election of Trump differently. Both still dislike Trump, but one is still a friend, and the other one seems angry every time I see her.

Reading letters to the editor, I see some severe vitriol toward President Trump.  Many think this vitriol started with Trump. If that is what you think, you didn’t pay attention to the Bush years. Bush was demonized, accused of stealing the election from Al Gore, and that is when the “derangement syndrome” term originated. What’s the difference between Trump and Bush? Trump fights back.

I understand some of the anger as I watch different TV channels and see how many spew 90 percent negative toward Trump. What you don’t get when you only watch CNN or MSNBC is the other side. Fake news operates two ways — one is to lie, and one is by omission of facts.  n example of omission in how great the economy is today. It can’t help if negative is all you hear. We have many Democrats and media people calling Trump a traitor, a conspirator and a Russian colluder.

We spent 675 days, 19 investigators, 40 FBI agents, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 500 witnesses, millions of documents and spending around $30 million to find out there was no Trump-Russia collusion. If Mueller didn’t find it, it didn’t happen. Then no obstruction, either. If Mueller thought he had it, he would have called it. I read the 11 items in the report and none of them stand up for obstruction.  

Mueller, in his hatred toward Trump, tried to create doubt to a point of even including when Trump made a joke during a debate: "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” referring to the emails Hillary deleted off the illegal server she used. It is said that the left has lost their sense of humor, and many people have forgotten how to laugh.  

I suggest if you are like Robert DeNiro and have TDS that you consider two choices.  For your own mental health, I hope you choose the first one as I did many years ago.

One is to let go by considering: 1) presidents come and go. Trump will be gone in 2024, 2) stop watching CNN and MSNBC, as has 50 percent of their former viewership, 3) look around and see all the good things Trump has done starting, with the economy, and 4) live your life and learn how to laugh again.

If you can’t let go, you had better buckle up and get a big bottle of Valium as Trump will be reelected, and I suspect a bunch of those who tried to unseat a legally elected president will see indictments. There are multiple investigations, as well as declassifying of documents coming. The only cover-up is the Hillary email situation and the phony Russian collusion hoax. The truth is coming.


Bob Folkers is a resident of Siletz.


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