Themed beach cleanups on the horizon

Spring break kicks off beach cleanup season for many organizations, including the Newport-based nonprofit Ocean Blue. (Courtesy photo)

Ocean Blue to host projects for vegans and beer lovers

LINCOLN CITY — This weekend and next, Ocean Blue will be hosting beach cleanups in Lincoln City. But these aren’t your usual garbage roundups — vegans and beer lovers in particular are invited to join in on two special cleanups.

On May 4, Ocean Blue is partnering with Sunriver Brewing Company to incentivize collecting trash on the beach — with beer, of course. The treasure hunt goes like this: beachcombers will collect plastic on the beach and earn an “adult treasure” for every pound found. Natural debris such as driftwood and shells will be left behind to perpetuate natural ecosystem and life cycles.

According to Ocean Blue, the last cleanup they held with Sunriver yielded around 900 pounds of river rubbish. The hunt begins at SW 51st Street at 1 p.m. and ends at 5 p.m.

On May 11, herbivores are invited to come clean up at SW 51st starting at noon with Ocean Blue. This vegan event is, per the event page on Facebook, “a day on the beach to help promote not only clean beaches but how important our Ocean (is) to our animals and humans.”

Ocean Blue is a nonprofit that was founded in 2012 on Nye Beach, in Newport. They focus on cleaning the ocean and creating awareness about the need to reduce plastic use. They also offer resources for anyone to organize their own cleanup, from brainstorming promotion ideas to helping dispose of what’s collected during the event.

For more information about these events, or creating one in the future, visit


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