The Kitchen Wild: Loaded Baked Potato Frittata

This is the time of year when warm, hearty breakfasts are the best way to start your day.
Growing up, my mom always made quiches. I remember her throwing anything in that quiche that we had leftover in the fridge, from cheese and broccoli, to ham, peppers and onions. And as much as I do enjoy a good quiche, the simplicity of a frittata is definitely more my speed these days. 

Frittatas are everything I love about a quiche without the hassle of making a crust. Just eggs and a handful of ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a simple and delicious breakfast. And if you’re anything like me, simple is always welcome during this busy holiday season.

Frittatas can be made with any of your favorite leftover meats and veggies, and a fridge full of leftovers after Thanksgiving is a great time to give this recipe a try — and clean out your fridge at the same time. 

Loaded Baked Potato Frittata


2 eggs

1/3 cup half & half

6 petite red potatoes, boiled, cooled and sliced

1 pound bacon, chopped

2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, grated

1 tablespoon chives (more or less to your liking)

Salt and pepper to taste

Sour cream for topping


Sauté your bacon in cast iron skillet, set bacon aside leaving about 1 tablespoon bacon fat in the bottom of skillet.
Combine eggs, half & half, cooked bacon (leaving a little to top Frittata with after cooking), cheese, chives (again, leaving some to top Frittata as garnish) and salt and pepper in mixing bowl. Transfer to cast iron skillet then place your red potato slices throughout. 

Cook egg frittata over medium heat for about 3 minutes until the sides are just set, then transfer skillet to the oven.
Bake uncovered for 18-22 minutes at 350 degrees F, or until the edges are set, the cheese is melted and the center barely jiggles.

Rest for 5-10 minutes, top with a dollop of sour cream and remaining bacon and chives, serve warm. Enjoy!


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