The importance of educating girls

I recently read an article about the importance of educating girls and its correlation to climate change. In 2017, a coalition of researchers, scientists, business leaders and policy makers met to identify the 100 most powerful solutions for reversing climate change. See Paul Hawken’s book, “Drawdown” for these solutions. No. 6 was educating girls; no. 10 was roof-top solar panels and no. 26 was electric cars.

Worldwide, there are 130 million girls out of school. Why isn’t this being covered worldwide by the media? Climate change discussions are driven primarily by Western nations, where girls’ education is a given. Since Western nations are also the biggest polluters, girls’ education elsewhere gets overlooked.

As we work to combat climate change, we should also commit to ensuring girls’ access to education, which includes information and guidance about family planning and female reproductive health. Educated women are less likely to marry as children and marry against their will. Rates of maternal mortality for educated women drop as do mortality rates of their babies.

Noted biologist Edward O. Wilson said, “The education of women is the best way to save the environment.” Think about it.

Sharon Roben Findling



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