The Fish stays with Toledo

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At 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning — eight hours before the third matchup of the season between rivals Waldport and Toledo — Boomers’ head volleyball coach Vicky Roller got a text message from the Waldport athletic director that cranked up the intensity The message was, Tuesday’s match would be the “Fight for the Fish.” Each year, Waldport and Toledo play three times for The Fish in various sports. Whichever team wins the contest gets to keep the trophy. Each season, the school that doesn’t have the fish can challenge the school to try and steal the fish back. The Fish has resided in Toledo since last year. “We didn’t even take the Fish off the bus, I wouldn’t even touch the fish, we were saying ‘it’s going back to Toledo,’” Roller said. “It’s the atmosphere of a rivalry game, every time we play Waldport it’s so stressful, they push us to be our very best.”

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