The clear and only choice is Judge Sheryl Bachart

We are personally writing this letter to enthusiastically support the re-election of Judge Sheryl Bachart as Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge. We have known her for 20 years, first professionally and then personally. We have observed her outstanding performance and professional integrity, first as a deputy DA, then for the last 12 years as circuit court judge. We have witnessed her character as an inspiring and compassionate mother, wife and friend.

Judge Bachart was born and raised in Lincoln County, leaving only to complete her higher education, before returning to serve the community she grew up in. She was raised with solid moral values, which have guided her career and life paths. She leads her courtroom always remembering the inherent value and integrity of all people who find themselves in her court, be that victim, defendant, witness or concerned family member. She is incredibly hard working, dedicated and conscientious. She demands justice for all by ensuring the judicial process is adhered to for both plaintiff and defendant. Her no-nonsense approach, which can seem very tough at times, serves to cut through the bull and reach the core of the matter to best serve the residents of this county.

It takes the right personality to balance the serious and difficult nature of being a judge without becoming jaded or discouraged. Judge Bachart has served well in this position for 12 years, gaining the respect of her colleagues and community partners, and has proven herself well suited to the demands of this important position.

In these rocky and uncertain times, our courts need its judges to be strong, stable, respected and experienced, and to live up to the title “honorable.”

The clear and only choice is to re-elect Judge Sheryl Bachart.

Jennifer Wrazen, M.D. and Sean Rash, M.D.

Newport/South Beach


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