Thankful for excellent care

As humans, we most often are verbal when we don’t like things. We need to show appreciation more often when we are pleased with something, and in this instance, it is services rendered.  

My mother is 92 and has lost most of her eyesight. We recently moved her to an assisted living facility in Albany.  Prior to the move, she had an independent living apartment with caregiver helpers from Blue Heron In-Home Care located in Newport. This arrangement was facilitated by Senior and Disability Services in Toledo and was in place for several years.

Let me first mention Hannah Stark, from Senior and Disability Services, who was Mom’s case manager. As a case manager, Hannah has been great and always helpful. The one thing I really appreciated was that she would check in with me at least every month, sometimes more often, asking how Mom was doing. This attention to checking in was appreciated more than I can express. Thanks, Hannah.

Prior to Blue Heron In-Home Care, I was not satisfied at all by the level of in-home care Mom was getting, so when someone recommended Blue Heron, I contacted them. I spoke with the owner, Doris Lamb, who impressed me from the beginning and has not disappointed me since. She was always available and most helpful in anything we needed. Thank you, Doris.

Blue Heron is an in-home personal care provider for adults, the disabled and seniors. It offers services that include cooking and cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, laundry and assistance with medical appointments. They have a nurse on staff and have always been really professional. I can’t list all the different caregivers who have worked with Mom, but I can tell you they have all been wonderful. Mom has had services six days a week, which has always made me feel comfortable with people checking in on her.  

Eventually a time comes when more care is required, so off to assisted care my mom has gone. Mom is doing fine, and I sincerely thank Blue Heron for their caring and for their assistance in caring for her for the past several years.

Bob Folkers



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