Thank you staffs of veterinary hospitals

On May 23, our tiny dog, Keona (2-year-old, 4-pound female Pomapoo) was attacked by two cattle dogs at a farm in Siletz. Keona was on a leash being attended by her owner, Rosa Cahill, who works as a special needs support worker for one of her clients, who was taking horse-guiding lessons in the farm’s barn, which is leased to Bright Horizons, a therapeutic organization for special needs students and other riders of all ages.

Receiving no sympathy or assistance from the owner of the dogs right after Keona was attacked, she was immediately and thankfully attended to by Bright Horizons’ head instructor, Marla Bowman, whose quick thinking allowed Rosa to transport her bleeding dog to Grove Veterinary Hospital in Newport. Keona was in shock due to several puncture wounds, a broken rib and contusions of the lung. Addressed as critical by the vets at Grove, they were able to stabilize Keona so that we could rush her to Corvallis. It was at Willamette Hospital were nurses and vets worked all night to save our Keona.

If it wasn’t for Marla and all the brilliant veterinarians and nurses at both hospitals, our precious Keona would have died. We are forever indebted to these people and to all our friends and family who offered their prayers and support. Thank you again.

Rosa Cahill and Steve Hajdu



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