Thank you local law enforcement

I want to send my thanks and appreciation to Newport Police Chief Jason Malloy and Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers who, along with several other NPD and LCSO officers and deputies, hosted a community forum with our community's Latinx population recently at Newport City Hall.

What a brave opportunity to have real engagement and ensure that our Latinx friends and neighbors felt safe, and that law enforcement would respond and be accessible if they were in need. It also dispelled rumors and myths about what law enforcement can or would do for those in our community who may be residents or who may be undocumented.

Thanks also to the bravery of the Latinx folks who came out to learn more, and to Newport Councilor Beatriz Botello Salgado for helping make this critical outreach happen. Commendable efforts were evident in part by providing Spanish interpreters to ensure that more vulnerable members of our community felt heard, supported and seen.

This was an important event to help us truly build the public trust and a sense of safety and security with one another.  

CM Hall