Thank you for your support

When I was trying cases, I would always send out a thank you to victims and witnesses while the jury was deliberating because I never wanted my gratitude to be measured by the outcome in the case.

This is no different. Thank you to all who wrote letters, put up a sign, sent an encouraging message or who had the confidence in me to darken the oval on the ballot. I appreciate you and I hope in the coming days to extend more personal thanks to many of you.

My opponent described the campaign as “invigorating.” I cannot share that expression. Since COVID-19 struck, my priority has been doing the work of the court and making sure my staff, and those needing to access the services of the court, were safe. That was, and remains, my focus.

I am pretty sure I have the distinction of being the only person in the courthouse who has not worked remotely a single day, nor taken a day off. As our courts open to more types of in-person hearings, my focus remains the same. I cannot do this work alone, and I am humbled to work with dedicated staff and community partners who have worked through the most challenging of times to continue to provide essential services.  

So, while the campaign has not been “invigorating,” seeing our community come together has been.   With heartfelt gratitude, thank you for your support during these extraordinary times.  

Sheryl Bachart

Circuit Court Judge


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