Thank you for the wonderful article

Thank you for the wonderful article (Pet Improvement, by Jane Laulis) in your Sept. 25 edition featuring my mother, Jackie Brooks, who was attacked by a pack of dogs last year. While the article was a welcome tribute to the courage and stamina of my amazing mother, there is one point that I need to correct. You stated that the “entire town of Toledo” came together to offer emotional and financial support to my mother and my family as we assisted her. In fact, it was not simply Toledo, but Lincoln County friends and strangers, as well as the generosity of others all over the country that helped us get through the most challenging time of our lives. If not for the kindness of these people, our situation — already horrific — would have likely been unbearable. Our gratitude is beyond words.

I’d also like to add one more thing. Our mother suffers permanent injuries from that day. If anything can be learned from the experience, we’d like to use it as a lesson to be shared. Please pay attention to your animal’s behavior. Please keep them fenced or on leash or under firm voice command when in public. If you need help with your pet, call any of the local dog trainers in our area for a consultation, and don't forget to have them vaccinated. Finally, please let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. We know how fast a person’s life can change.

Christine Lawrence



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