Thank you Coast Guard

The Memorial Day weekend marked a notable 50th anniversary for me — that of being rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter after being swept out to sea on an inflatable raft. 

I was a naive teenager who was not paying attention to the tides or how they were pulling me away from shore — until it was too late.  Eventually, my distress was noticed by someone on shore who rushed to call for help. By the time the helicopter arrived, I didn’t know how much longer I could have kept my head above water in those cold, crashing waves. It is difficult to express the depth of my relief at the sight of the flying white and orange rescue craft.

With humble appreciation and gratitude to those who flew me to shore and safety that day in 1969, as well as to our current Coast Guard members who so bravely step in to help in dangerous and life-challenging situations, thank you so very much.

Susan Decker

Part-time resident of
South Beach


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