Thank you, Bay Road travelers

Yaquina Bay Road travelers: I would like to thank all of you who regularly drive on the Bay Road for the patience and tolerance you show us bicyclists. Especially this time of year when the bike lanes are obstructed with windfall and gravel, the bike lanes become unusable in several areas. Nearly all of us ride road bikes with narrow tires, making large sections of the bike lane impassable, and that's why you often see us in the road. We will always pull over, and I've actually had to stop a few times because of debris.  

Both the city and ODOT won't bother to sweep the bike lanes until this summer when the marathon is upcoming. Looking back, they both wouldn't bother to install sidewalks on 101 until several folks were struck trying to cross the highway. I would hope that enough people, both cyclists and drivers, will contact both the city and ODOT with requests to sweep the bike lanes before someone is injured. 

In the meantime, I thank all of you drivers again for your patience and goodwill towards us cyclists. We all appreciate your cooperation very much.

Bob Hein



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