Thank you, America

One and done! For well over 200 years, this was the first time ever that you could vote for a president or a czar. Thank you for choosing democracy. The people that had the loudest megaphones didn’t win. The silent majority spoke loudly and very clearly. Enough was enough was enough.

Who we elected may not be perfect, but then who is? We can hope for compromise instead of “my way or the highway.”

What we will see is respect for other people’s views, whether or not they agree with our own. Often, it takes explanations from both sides to arrive at a conclusion that both can live with.

I do not believe that any self-respecting person, Republican, Democrat, Independent or any other affiliation, or persons regardless of their religious beliefs, could honestly condone the hateful things that Trump says or tweets about people that don’t agree with them, and then gives “get out of fail free” cards to convicted felons that are his friends or associates.

I have one remaining question: with his audacity, will Donald Trump pardon himself for any felonies he may or may not commit in the past, present of future?

Pete Berry



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